What Makes PRAIRIE HILL Learning Center Unique?


FREEDOMPRAIRIE HILL is a safe environment, located 7 miles south of
Lincoln on 12 acres of open space for children to explore. This
country/farm setting provides children with a unique indoor/outdoor
setting where they learn in the classroom and from nature.

EXPERIENCED STAFF – You won’t find a staff more dedicated to the
development of children anywhere. Each teacher is Montessori certified,
and each assistant goes through a stringent training program, with many
going on to gain their certification.

MONTESSORI PHILOSOPHYPRAIRIE HILL is true to Montessori philosophy,
offering children opportunities to engage in meaningful activities with
the right balance of autonomy and guidance from specially trained
teachers. Activities include hands-on science, geography, geometry,
math, Suzuki piano and violin, and horsemanship.

ELEMENTARY OPTIONPRAIRIE HILL is the only school offering
Montessori Elementary in the Lincoln area. Continuation of the
education philosophy into the Elementary level maximizes the benefits of
the child’s primary-level experience from ages 3-6.

NUTRITION –Children help plan balanced menus and prepare nutritious
food to share together, family-style. Seasonally they handpick
cherries, apples, and garden vegetables, and gather eggs from the
chickens. A variety of breads are freshly baked to enjoy at lunchtime.
Food scraps are given to animals or composted.

Raising Green Kids is more about lifestyle than teaching

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES – We offer three daily schedules for your child,
including before and after-school options: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., 8:30
a.m. – 4:00 p.m., and 8:30 a.m. – 12 noon (with the exception of
Elementary). At PRAIRIE HILL, we provide meaningful learning activities
for your child during the entire time they are here. During the summer,
we also offer NatureWorks camps for ages 6-12.

PARENT EDUCATION – Parents are an integral part of the PRAIRIE HILL
family. It is important to our staff to have strong relationships with
parents. We offer a Parent Liaison program, parent seminars, teas,
meetings, and at-home conferences.

COMMUNITY – At PRAIRIE HILL, we believe that we are not only a farm
school, but also a family school, and that the community here enriches
each family’s experience. Some community-building efforts at PRAIRIE HILL
include: our seasonal newsletter, the annual Gifts and Talents
Auction, Spring and Fall Family Workdays, and the Annual Children’s
Country Fair.

INNOVATION – We are Nebraska’s first wind and solar powered school!
Our Renewable Energy Education Center, which houses the Elementary
community, features straw bale construction, passive solar and
photovoltaic panels, energy monitoring equipment, a 10 kW wind turbine,
low voltage light fixtures, recycled denim insulation, rain collection, and low-flow

Prairie Hill installs wind turbine – Journal Star

TRADITION – For 30+ years, PRAIRIE HILL has brought children and
nature together.

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